The purpose of Light Ministries is to encourage good in our world, to bring light to a darkened planet. We endeavor to share the love of Jesus and His Word with the world; teaching a better way of living, and sharing the hope of an eternal future.

Helping people learn about Jesus, teaching people to understand the Bible, this is our purpose, it is our mission.

Light Ministries offers Bible counsel, Lifestyle counsel, and Bible instruction, through one on one Bible study, and small group Bible study. We also offer Bible study by email and Bible study by telephone. 

Visit our Bible pages and our Services page to learn more about Light Ministries. Contact us to get started on your journey with Jesus and the Bible.  biblenation@gotolight.org or visit our Contact LM page.

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God bless you!
Light Ministries

to turn people from darkness to light, from the power of satan to God, for forgiveness of sins…sanctified by faith in Me.   Acts 26:15-18  (paraphrased)