Our Services: Bible study, Bible counsel, Lifestyle counsel, and assistance in committing your life to Jesus, and in maintaining an ongoing personal relationship with Him.

Reach out for answers to your Bible questions, for help under-standing the Bible better, to understand how the Bible applies to your life, for understanding God’s will, and His desire for your life-style choices, and for help in giving your life to Jesus.

Don’t delay, reach out today to receive our services, visit Light Ministries contact page. We look forward to serving you through God’s Word..


Bible Study
In His Light Bible Study Series, an engaging, insightful, and prac-tical series of Bible studies to assist you in your study of God’s Word. Lessons one through fourteen are foundational, essential lessons in building and maintaining a personal relationship with Christ. Lessons fifteen through thirty-eight focus on difficult, pro-phetic, and misunderstood Scripture.

Bible Counsel
Answering Bible questions. Help problem solving from a Biblical perspective. Guidance for practical application of Bible teachings and principles. Help in understanding and accepting God’s will.

Lifestyle Counsel
Answering lifestyle questions. Guidance in understanding lifestyle choices, including healthy living, and in making practical and last-ing lifestyle changes from a Biblical perspective. Encouragement for wholesome lifestyle choices.

Committing to Jesus
We encourage you to commit your life to Jesus; He loves you dearly, and wants to share His life with you, and He wants you to share your life with Him, now and forever. Reach out for help in surrendering your life to Jesus. Give Him your heart today, don’t wait, it may be too late, and you will be missing the joy and good-ness that comes from a personal relationship with Jesus. Don’t delay, contact us today. We are happy to help.


 …let us walk in the light of the Lord.  Isaiah 2:5

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